Anatomy of a Coppersmith Barbet’s nest

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“The image on the left shows an old Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala) nest which was active around April 2009. A few days ago, I discovered that it was brought down by a heavy thunderstorm.

“The trunk has broken up, revealing the chamber of the nest. This is shown in the other attached images (below). I did some measurements and they are as follows: diameter of entrance = between 3 to 3.5cm (almost a perfect circle); diameter of chamber = between 6 to 6.5cm; depth of chamber = about 20cm (really hard to tell where is the end of the chamber because of the rotted, broken condition).

“I wonder if the museum at NUS (don’t know its full name) or if any other is interested in keeping this.”

Sun Chong Hong
29th July 2010

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  1. Sun Chong Hong

    The raffles museum of biodiversity research did not need the sample. It had been given to Cicada Tree Eco-Place ( which do nature lessons for kids.

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