Fire-tufted Barbet’s calls

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Following yesterday’s post on the Fire-tufted Barbet’s (Psilopogon pyrolophus) call recorded on video, we showcase here and earlier documentation on the calls by an adult and a subadult/juvenile…

“Fire-tufted Barbets are one of the highlights of any visit to the hill stations. Not only are they strikingly beautiful birds, with a ‘fire-tuft’ that gives an impressive silhouette, but they also have a distinct and unusual call that sounds like a cicada.

“Saw a pair – an adult bird with a subadult/juvenile following it to be fed. The adult (above left) shows off the ‘fire-tuft’ that gives this barbet its name. An MP3 recording of the cicada-like call of the adult bird (other birds in the background) can be heard HERE.

“The subadult/juvenile (above right) has soft calls and I have amplified them a little in the recording HERE.

“The juvenile made them when the adult flew across the clearing to the other side (?distress call, but both appeared comfortable with our presence and were in the higher canopy).”

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Gunung Brinchang (1,800m ASL)
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
14th May 2010

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