Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher with a skink in its bill

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Lena Chow videoed an Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) with a skink clamped in its bill at the Panti Forest in Johor, Malaysia on the morning of 24th July 2010. She missed seeing the kingfisher catching the skink, noticing it only when the bird was perching on a branch. The skink had by then stopped struggling and remained lifeless in the kingfisher’s bill, head facing away and tail dangling towards the bird.

The kingfisher remained on the perch of some time, probably waiting to fly to its nest to feed its young. Usually is will not fly directly to its nest with a prey but transit nearby to ensure that the coast is clear before proceeding.


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  1. What a lovely bird. Amusing with the skink tail. I love this site.

  2. That’s the good things with gadgets now. Can records still images and videos at the same time 🙂

    Nice Kingfisher too hehehee

  3. Excellent document….I’ve seen and photographed White-throated Kingfishers preying on skinks. This is unique.


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