White-throated Kingfisher entangled by kite line

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“Road kills are very common.

“Now, there is proof that kite kills too. The pictures of a bird killed by the line of a breakaway kite is shown on the left. I think it got entangled while in flight due to the almost invisible line. The line could be coated with broken glass to act as abrasive usually common in kite flying competition which could have cut this poor bird.

“From the colors and the beak, I presume that it is a White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis).

“It was taken from a line hanging from the branch of a ficus tree (top, above left) beside Riverview housing estate by the Sungai Klang river not far from Klang Gate reservior, Kuala Lumpur. The image above-right shows the inset photo of the long beak.”

Forest Ang
1st August 2010


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