Chivalry lost in Eden

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“It was a hot afternoon in Chaaya Village, Habarana, Sri Lanka, I was walking around the lovely garden with my equipment hoping to catch something. Being so hot I decided to cool my face with some water from the tap, I think I must have been watched by these thirsty Purple Rumped Sunbirds (Leptocoma zeylonica), who know the gardens well. The moment I moved off to a safe distance the female made a dash for the still dripping tap.

“I believe she managed a sip or two before the male came charging round driving her off. He than took his time sipping away at the very pristine water from the tap, compared with what is available from the streams and lake.

“Well, I guess there is no such thing as chivalry in nature, the strongest would win all the time, the males would never ever say ladies first!

“I have also observed in Singapore that birds do learn how to get fresh water from things like air-conditioner water dripping pipes, I have a starling that comes around quite often to my dripping pipe, but I have not been able to take a picture of that character as it flies off when ever I open the window.”

KC Tsang
21st July 2010

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