Two subspecies of Coppersmith Barbet

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Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala) is found from the Indian subcontinent except the north-west, Sri Lanka, SW Yunnan, Sumatra, Java, Bali and the Philippines.

Nine subspecies of barbets are recognised. These can be divided into two basic groups. Subspceies celestinoi, delica, haemacephala, indica and mindanensis have yellow above and below the eye and yellow chin and throat. In the other group of subspecies, mainly rosea, homochroa, intermedia and cebuensis, the yellow is replaced by red.

The Singapore subspecies is indica (above left), which has a range of NE Pakistan E to S China, S to Sri Lanka, Singapore and Vietnam. Subspecies rosea (above right) is found in Java and Bali.

David Tan
July 2010

4 Responses

  1. Margie Hall

    Okay, but precisely which subspecies are shown in the two photos?

  2. Ragoo Rao

    Good obseravation, the one with the Yellow markings are the ones found in the Southern part of the country.

  3. Dharmadeva Golez

    I think the red face is the subspecies of the common Barbet which also can be find in my lace Madalag, Aklan, Philippines.

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