Feeding behaviour of a pair of White-breasted Waterhen

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“It was late afternoon and the sky was turning dark with rain clouds when this pair of White-breasted Waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus) emerged to forage at a patch of grass-field. After about 10 minutes of hunting, one bird caught a small cockroach. But instead of eating the meal, it offered the meal to its partner! The lovely couple went on to pass the prey to-and-fro for a good three to four rounds before it was eventually eaten by the first bird. This is the first time I witnessed this interesting behavior.”

TS Tan
27th April 2010

Note: Can this be courtship feeding?

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  1. BESG

    Re WB Waterhen feeding behaviour, it may be courtship feeding after all. There has been a report of a male barbet offering food to female who then passes it back to the male, as if in a ‘teasing’ manner.

    • Waterhen Lover

      I would want to study on the courtship behaviour of this species. May I know the period when you observed this behaviour? thanks.

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