Catapulting birds at a Malaysian National Service camp

on 23rd April 2010

“A series of photos show a guy catupulting birds foraging figs on a ficus tree. It was at a National Service camp in Kedah, Malaysia (left). I was told he can shoot at least a dozen of the birds per day with after looking to buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory. Many bird species frequented that ficus tree. He said that these small birds are delicious when deep fried. “Photos show the unfortunate Black-headed Bulbul Black-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus atriceps). We were helpless, watching with dismay. I wonder whether this same incident happen in all the other National Service camps in Malaysia. A black chapter for this National Service camp.”

Above shows a youth taking aim at a bird (left) and close up of the weapon (right).

Above shows the slitting the bird’s throat (left) and the dead Black-headed Bulbul.

April 2010

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YC Wee

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6 Responses

  1. How can they so cruel. I have heard of Orang Asli eating hornbills, patridges, pheassants, imperial pigeons and other small birds, but the civilized Malaysian also eat it for fun and taste, unbelievable.. Malaysia Boleh!

  2. Uh…. considering that the rural-urban divide is one of Malaysia’s fault-lines, teaching city folks to hunt/forage like kampung-dwellers does not seem an unreasonable objective for a National Service camp. Where do those city-dwellers think their kari ayam comes from ? Shrink-wrapped in the factory and straight to the supermarket ?

  3. This is wrong!!! How can they allow such thing to occur in the National Service Camp??? In West Malaysia, most birds are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, inclusive of these Black-headed Bulbuls, this means that anyone in anyway attempted or did harm the birds, their youngs or their eggs and nests are illegal and will be charged against under the act.

    This is a very negative image that shows our National Service actually allowed the youths to conduct a crime and this would at all cost conflict with their own objectives of having such programme. I would recommend someone to provide more information and a write-up should be submitted to both the National Service person in charge as well as Perhilitan, the Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department of West Malaysia. Thanks.

  4. According to “A checklist of the Birds of Malaysia” published by the Malaysian Nature Society’s Bird Conservation Council, the status of the Black-headed Bulbul in Peninsular Malaysia is Totally Protected (TP) – under The Protection of Wild Life Act 1972, Schedule Three (Totally Protected Wild Birds).

  5. This is totally madness.. I really ashamed of this scene happen in my own country – Malaysia. Those who have travel to my country here would be aware that we have eatery stalls (mamak stalls)open for 24 hrs. In the daylight we have stalls & restaurant serves food from local varieties, japanese, thai, hongkong, arabic…fast food..fine dinning and the list goes on. Many of our Orang Asli (Abrogines) settlement have being allocated nearer to the small towns. Grocery vans pack with fresh and dried food would patron these settlement. Hunting for wildlife for their food only happens in a too remote settlement, even then they are aware of living in harmony with nature (sustainability).

    Perhilitan (Wildlife Department) set up laws it is indeed they are lack of procedures to ensure that this sets of laws be well known to all. What species is protected, what is the penalty.. where are the wildlife enforcement. Traffic laws…yes maybe this is on the toplist everyone is aware of but only a small minorities know there is such thing call Wildlife Acts.

    This guy who have the habits of catupulting birds for his snack is totally unaware of such thing call wildlife protection acts. When we see such scene, for those who are aware of the Wildlife Act existence, it is our responsibilities to advice him/her that this is totally uncivilized act. If he continues the whole of his/her neighborhood will blame him of a sudden outburst of certain bugs/flies and maybe sickness due to his acts. Every living being that share this earth has it’s own functions.

  6. “…it is our responsibilities to advice him/her…”
    The statement above is a wishful thinking of Susan Wong. I wish she was there to help give the advise. I have learned the hard way that when you are in people’s place, you have to keep your mouth shut. In this “ketuanan” country, I, as a “second class citizen” have “no right” to speak up. I have indeed complaint about other wrongdoings on biodiversity in this bolehland and have been harassed by the authorities for doing that. In Bolehland, comments by foreigners and tourists will carry more weight. My “duty” to expose and the rest up to all nature lovers out there to help…or are you as “chicken” as me? or NATO (no action talk only)?

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