Mangrove Pitta breeding: 4. Food for hatchings

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Check out the earlier postings: 1: Who’s who, 2: Predators and 3: Vigilance and parenting.

“During window period of breeding, hatchings were continually fed by parental pair of Mangrove Pittas (Pitta Megarhyncha) Mighty and Mindy through executing desperate and countless, low flying sorties from hunting sites to nesting grounds.

“Duration of time between each feeds was approximately ten minutes per trip. While each took turns, between food freighting and sentry duties, there were times when they happened to arrive at the same time.

“But… such moments were few and far in between (left)

“There were also short periods when chicks were left on their own.

“It was also observed that under normal circumstances, parents developed a kind of regular flight paths. The tarmac acted like an airport runway cum staging area where they headed straight in and landed without flapping their wings. Having executed anti-predatory behaviors and when felt safe, would they make a dash for the awaiting hungry chicks.

“Not much food data has been written in available field guide books apart from the mention of small crabs (above), worm and mollusk. Ants were observed being collected on the car-park tarmac while a snack of a small caterpillar hidden under fallen leaf did not escape unnoticed.

“The above image (left) shows a morsel-to-be of a frog species. Three non–identified foods collected (above, centre and right) are waiting for contributing readers to put a name to them.

“Having seen the input, how about the output?

“Part 5 and finale will try and show how pitta chicks’ waste disposal done a polite way.”
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  2. Looks like the food varies and they seemed have different nutrients that is probably essential for the young one’s. Just wondering when will those food like crab and mollusk is good for your tummy of the babies..

  3. interesting article and photos, and no need to use flash also. great.

  4. […] forages among the mangrove roots in the muddy soil looking mainly for crabs LINK, molluscs, frogs LINK and insects like ants. Erritzoe (2003) lists the above (except frogs) as its food […]


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