“Raising a Family” – A photographic exhibition

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“Raising a Family” is a photo exhibition on the breeding behaviour of birds that include nest building, incubation, brooding and adult-fledgling relationship. The excellent photographs on exhibition have been provided by NaturePixels.org and BESG, with Nature’s Niche Pte Ltd and Sentosa Nature Discovery organising the event.

Photographers have been documenting bird behaviour for more than a few years now, and with stunning results. Lately, younger birdwatchers have not only made it a habit of bringing along a camera when out birdwatching, many have also shared their observations on the blog. Indeed, the local birdwatching scene has become more interesting as our knowledge on bird behaviour improved by leaps and bounds as a result.

The current exhibition is another joint BESG-NaturePixels.org project to bring the study of bird behaviour to a wider audience.

Awareness of the intriguing aspects of bird life can only lead to further appreciation of our avian fauna. This in turn can only bring about a deeper commitment to nature conservation.

Location: Sentosa Imbiah Lookout
Date: 1st November till 31st December 2009
Opening time: 9am to 6pm
Getting there: Sentosa and use Blue line bus, red line bus or Sentosa express (alight at Imbiah station)

Image by Joe Yao.

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  1. Dan

    Pictures looked impressive. For the benefit of those who are overseas or are unable to visit the exhibits, just wondering whether you can post the pictures here.

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