Perching Asian Paradise-flycatcher

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Dr Jeff Lim sent in a short video of a female Asian Paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) perching on a branch. The male was nearby. The video was recorded during the migratory season in October. The video shows the female winter visitor spending some time simply perching on the branch. But she was very alert to the surroundings. Her head was moving from left to right and back (above left and centre). At times the head even pointed backwards (above right).

The ability of birds to turn their heads 180º in either direction is unique among vertebrates. This enables them to look backwards without moving the body and thus to stay ever alert.

Into the middle of the video, the bird suddenly cocked her crest (above left and centre) and straightened up, with her greyish chest momentarily lighting up like a little light bulb (above right).

The video can be viewed HERE.

The above images are video grabs from Dr Jeff Lim’s video.

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