Oriental Honey-buzzard visits KC Tsang yet again

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In March 2008, KC Tsang reported an Oriental Honey-buzzard (Pernis ptilorhyncus) peeping into his kitchen. It roosted in the nearby assam tree (Tamarindus indica) that night. He had similar encounters the previous years.

In July 2009 the honey-buzzard made another appearance. Then on 2nd November 2009, at the height of the migratory season, there was yet another visit. It is becoming a habit. Whether this is the same bird or different birds is difficult to establish.

As KC puts it, “It has happened again, the bird blast pass my kitchen window this morning, then went to perch on a branch level with my bedroom window. It gave me time to set up my camera equipment… looks like this is going to be a yearly visit by this bird, however I am not sure if it is the same bird as in the pass years.”

We will have to wait and see whether these visits will continue…

Tou Jing Yi from Ipoh, Malaysia has this to say: “You got a male, likely an adult since it lacks the yellow on the cere. You are lucky to see one, you will likely see more if you observe carefully, I found that during passage, quite a number of individuals will stop by and rest, likely refueling before it takes the next step of its long journey, I have seen various different individuals for the last few seasons after I started to observe OHB in my garden, once a pair was perching low at my cinnamon tree (sad they are now chopped off), that tree is just about 2-3 meters from the ground.

“And just last weekend, a juvenile female was seen feeding on the ground! They are sometimes seen perched on roofs or TV antennas as well.”

Images by KC Tsang

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