White-bellied Sea Eagle

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In February 2009, Lim Poh Bee spotted a nest of the White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) at the junction of Yishun Avenues 1 and 6 (above left).

By the end of April the chick was about ready to fledge. Unfortunately no images of the actual fledgling are available.

The nest is a huge pile of sticks lodged firmly between the forks of a tall tree. The nest is normally reused by piling on more twigs during the next breeding season and in this way the pile becomes larger and larger.

The adults were most of the time flying round and round overheard (above right).

Image of nest by Lim Poh Bee and of the eagle soaring by Jeffrey Toh.


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  1. Alex Ong (eX.A.K.R.)

    Being not too terribly far away from where I live in Sembawang, I cycled down to the junction to see if I could spot the nest, and it was still there minus the eagles. I will definitely be back early next year to see if the eagles return.


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