Sub-adult Greater Coucal

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Desmond Wong’s a.k.a des95446 image of a sub-adult Greater Coucal (Centropus sinensis) shows the transitional plumage form. A juvenile has a head that is dull black with brown spots. And this is still apparent in this sub-adult. The wings of the juvenile have blackish bars but the bars have disappeared in this specimen. Again, the brownish bars of the tail feathers have all disappeared and the colour has changed from brown to black. Obviously moulting into an adult plumage has yet to be completed.

The image was taken at Janda Baik in the Malaysian state of Pahang in early October 2009.

According to Desmond, “I saw this sub-adult Greater Coucal trying to swallow a huge centipede. I was still in the car at that point in time. Did not manage to get out fast enough to set up my gear. Only managed to get a shot after it swallowed the centipede. Shot it hand-holding the 500mm.”

Image by Desmond Wong.

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