Juvenila Tiger Shrike with eye infection

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Johnny Wee sent in an image of a juvenile Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus) on 29th September 2007, one of the few that arrived this migratory season. What puzzled him is three red oval growths on the rim of the right eye.

We sent the image to Dr Gloria Chay, our consultant veterinarian and this is her reply: “It looks as though it could be a swelling of the conjunctiva or tear gland which is located in the vicinity of the inner corner of the eye. The other possibility is Pox virus warts which should be located at the outer skin of the eye. I really can’t tell from the photo exactly… However warts aren’t usually that bright red. So, it sounds more likely that it is coming from the inside tissues ie. first of the two possibilities mentioned.”

Gloria added that if the photographer is to bring the bird to her, she could do a physical examination and make a more accurate diagnosis.

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