Black-naped Oriole came for a visit

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“On 8/7/09 around 9pm, a immature Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) flew into my kitchen in Hillview (above). He did not seem as though he was terrified, but on the other hand looking a bit curious. After taking some pictures, I picked him up and placed him near the window, but he just stayed put around the ledge (below left).

I did not want to keep him around as I have a cat at home, so I brought him downstairs to release. However instead of flying off, he simply refused to move. After sometimes, I have no choice but to bring him back home because by that time it was already past 10pm, and there were cats in the neighbourhood too. Before I went to bed, I left him near the window on a towel and locked my cat in the room (above right). When I woke up next morning, the iora was already gone.”

10th August 2009

Note: Thanks to Ashley Ng who correctly identified the bird.


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  1. Juv Black-naped Oriole


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