Black-capped White-eye

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“The Black-Capped White-eye, a commonly found montane bird in Sabah’s Kinabalu Park, East Malaysia, is a highly active bird that moves around in flocks of ten to twenty birds or more (above).

“One would know when they are around when one hears the constant twittering (Maybe this is how Twitter got its name) in the bushes and trees. A bird wave, of little birds, little birds that have taken over the targeted tree, these birds would practically clean up the tree or bush of slugs, and insects, no pesticides required…

“Accompanying the bird wave would be juveniles (left), mouths agape, hungry and tired of constantly trying to keep up with mummy…

“Apparently the Everett’s White-eye (Zosterops everetti) is being replaced by these more aggressive Black-capped White-eyes in the montane forest of Kinabalu Park.”

KC Tsang
21st July 2009

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