Buffy Fish-owl and a half eaten rat

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KC Tsang was at Kinabatangan, in Sabah, in late May 2009 and sent in this piece:

“Cruising along this river Kinabatangan at night has always been very interesting and also a different kind of experience one can get from it. Night time always brings out things that cannot be seen during the day. And so we came across this Buffy Fish Owl (Ketupa ketupu) and his half eaten dinner of a rat. He was not too perturbed by our close presence and was, I guess, wary of us wanting part of his meal.”

The Buffy Fish Owl, as the name implies, feeds mainly on fish. However, the owl also feeds on frogs, reptiles, crustaceans, large aquatic insects and small mammals and birds. And small mammals include rats and mice. It forages at night by the water edge or in shallow water.

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