Moringa and Common Iora

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The horse-radish tree, also known as drumstick (Moringa pterygosperma) is not a legume. It is popularly grown in villages for its fruits. These are long, dagger-like pods swollen with seeds (above left). Young pods make an excellent curry-dish. The pieces of pods are chewed for the seeds and the tough fibres surrounding the seeds are discarded. The young leaves and flowers are also eaten as a vegetable All parts of the plant give off a smell reminiscent of mustard and horse-radish, thus the common name.

The tree attracts a number of birds that come for the flower nectar. The Common Iora (Aegithina tiphia) was photographed by Dr. Redzlan Abdul Rahman eating the flowers (above right).

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  1. Redzian

    That tree is a common playground for a few species such as Common Tailorbird, Magpie Robin and Common Iora.

  2. fake diploma

    Moringa tree is very beautiful and mostly grown in the back yard of most Indian homes. The fruit, flowers and leaves are edible although only the fruit is sold in markets.

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