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Why should you post your observations and images?

Southeast Asian birds are poorly studied in terms of behaviour and ecology. By posting your observations (and this include images), you will be contributing to the knowledge of local birds.

By making your observations and images publicly available, ornithologists can have access to them and thus use them in their writings.

You are also officially recording your observations and taking credit for them. And posting in this blog is the fastest way of doing so.

This is a very popular bird behaviour blog and your observations will have a wide readership. We will be touching a million hits well before the end of the year. Readership can be up to two thousand a day worldwide.

BESG has a support team of people who can assist you in composing your observations. Experienced researchers associated with us can provide background information. Your observations and images will always be credited to you.

What happens if you do not post your observations and images?

You are not doing justice to your observations and images. And you are not sharing… In which case your observations will only be known to you and a few close friends. In due course they will be irrelevant and end up in the dustbin of science. This is a waste as every observation has its worth. And when someone else reports the same behaviour later on, credit will go to him or her. You can always claim that you saw this or that first but who will believe you?

We have been blogging for five years now. Contributions from friends, acquaintances and even strangers have been fantastic. They have been generous beyond imagination in sharing their stories, observations and images… and these have been posted for the benefit of all who take the trouble to visit us.

In the process we have accumulated a wealth of information on bird behaviour and ecology. But there are more that need to be observed, reported and published. We are very far from knowing everything, if at all this is possible.

So do yourself as well as other birders a favour. Make your observations available for posting in the BESG blog. Credit will always be given where credit is due. After all, they are your observations…

Please share your observations via BESG. Knowledge is good only if it is shared.

YC Wee
April 2009


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  1. Gim Cheong

    Great job in maintaining the site.

    Just like to find out how long postings are kept on the BESG server.

  2. We have so far posted 1,191 articles. However, due to space limitation, we are slowly removing old posts that are not directly relevant to behaviour – sightings, exotic species, etc. Also, once certain old posts have been compiled and published, and the PDF copies of the papers are available to viewers, we will remove them. If you have any other queries, please contact me at

  3. Well put, YC: I only wish more birders worldwide understood how important all their accumulated info would be if it could be collated in a site like BESG. We’re in danger of losing so much from the planet right now – and data has never been more important. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks Charlie. Good to have your support.

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