Common Flameback’s mirror confrontation

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Mike Koh a.k.a astro08 photographed a male Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense) confronting his image seen from a car side mirror. The bird was visibly agitated as he fought with his virtual rival (above).

Such an incident is pretty common if only one keeps an eye open around cars, as seen from our earlier posts…

1. An Olive-backed Sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis) in Langkawi, Malaysia, flying from one car to another, admiring himself from the side mirrors… HERE.

2. For more than half an hour, a Ruby-cheeked Sunbird (Anthreptes singalensis), also in Malaysia, was pecking his reflection and jumping around a car side mirror… HERE.

3. In Perth, Australia, a crow was dong the same… HERE.

4. And there is the story from Penang, Malaysia, of a pair of Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pyconontus goiavier) – a male probably, showing off in front of a car mirror to his mate… HERE.

It is always amusing to see such sights. Please send in your encounters with different birds…

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