Of breeding Coppersmith Barbet: A chronological summary (Part 9)

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Documentary details are available from the 8 Part series, ‘Of Coppersmith Barbets’……….

Excavated dead branch of an old, Yellow Sentol tree (Sandoricum koetjape), approximately 20 feet above ground, alongside river bank in residential housing, Mainland Penang, Malaysia.

Date and Weather conditions: 20 January – 20th March 2009 – a prolonged period of dry spell broken 2nd week in March by intermittent showers of rain.

Optics used in observation and digiscopic-photography: Binoculars10x42, Fieldscope ED82+30x magnification + Digital camera Coolpix P3 and P4.

Above left: BLOWFISH (Male); above right: GOGGLE-EYE (Female)

Chronology of Events:
20th January- A pair of Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima Haemacephala) observed excavating nesting site.
23rdJanuary- Incubation began in partnership earnest.
7th February- Hatching. A pair of nestlings observed peeping from nesting cavity.
8th.February- Initial chick feeding observed.
20th March- Only one chick fledged.

Above left: NESTLING; above right: FLEDGLING

Summary: Documentation with support of photographic images by digiscopy can now confirm, incubation period of Coppersmith Barbets (Megalaima haemacephala) to be 14 days (2 weeks).

Period from hatching of chick to fledging to be- 40 days for this clutch.

This is a new photographed record by digiscopy.

© Of Breeding Coppersmith Barbets – A Chronological Summary. Part 9)

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