A second nesting for the Olive-backed Sunbirds

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The earlier account of the nesting of a pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds (Cinnyris jugularis) and the successful fledging of their two chicks has a follow up.

The two chicks fledged on 22nd February 2009. Three days later there was another pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds arriving to re-model the old nest. Esther suspects that this was not the earlier pair as the birds appeared smaller.

The birds returned daily, sticking feathers into the old nest to provide bulk. As in the previous nesting, Esther anticipates that the birds would leave after they complete the job, to return after a week or so for the female to lay her eggs.

The pair has repaired the porch and the nest looks usable again (left, circled red).

Esther and her husband are looking forward to foster another pair of chicks. Earlier, they had thought of removing the old nest but fortunately decided against doing so.

Esther Chang & Micky Lim
April 2009
(Image by Esther Chang)

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  1. Johnson Ang

    I’ve had olive-backed sunbird nesting at my balcony for more then 4 years now with many nestlings.
    The nest fell twice and I’ve managed to put it back with needle and thread. The green thread u see above the nest is made by me.
    I think different pairs of birds have used the nest
    They are still there till today (May 18, 2009).
    Please view “my” bird’s photos at my balcony (6th floor HDB apartment).

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