Orange-headed Thrush

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“The Orange-Headed Thrush (Zoothera citrina) has been a regular visitor to our backyard for some years now. It is until recently that this forest floor dwelling omnivorous bird gained exposure in our local community, probably attributed to heightened knowledge in wild life of our general population.

“Although the bird spent most of its time foraging for insects, earthworms and fruits in the shady confines of the forest, it does manifest itself briefly in the open to bath. Interestingly, it exhibits predictable bathing patterns, that appear to recover even after repeated exposure to human activities.

“Albeit shy by nature, this thrush demonstrated high tolerance for human presence. On a good day, the bird will make two trips to its bathing ground, mostly localized to evening period.

“Shown above, thrush observing vicinity before bathing and insert, post bathing posture under natural light conditions.”

Dr Jeff Lim
24th February 2009

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