Grey-throated Babbler eating a moth

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Calvin Chang a.k.a. deswitch documented a Grey-throated Babbler (Stachyris nigriceps) catching and eating what looks like a moth at Malaysia’s Bukit Tinggi in March 2009.

According to Calvin, the babbler finished its food within 3 frames of his 8fps camera – extremely fast indeed.

The Grey-throated Babbler is a resident to Malaysia. According to Wells (2007), “Apart from an instance of apparent courtship feeding with a small fruit or flower-parts, food is assumed to be small invertebrates. Items brought to nestlings were all insects.”

Collar & Robson (2007) report that this babbler feeds almost entirely on insects, Although is also feeds on some berries, seeds and nectar.

Obviously its food habits need to be properly observed and documented.

Images by Calvin Chang.

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