Red-legged Crake taking a bath

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Dr Jeff Lim caught a pair of Red-legged Crake (Rallina fasciata) bathing at the Singapore Botanic Gardens recently and had the entire sequence on video that can be viewed HERE.

The first crake casually walked down the slope into the shallow water, dipped its bill in, scratched its head and then started to bathe. It dipped its breast into the water, fluffing its feathers and partially flapping its wings. Within a short while a second bird jumped in from a side boulder to join the first.

Both birds then enjoyed a vigorous bath, dipping their head and breast into the water, flapping their wings and splashing water all over. They even partially submerged into the water numerous times. In between, they were actively preening.

The birds were in the water for about five minutes, the second completing its bath and leaving earlier than the first. Before leaving, they vigorously flapped their wings fully a few times to remove excess water. The first bird walked casually to the water edge before flying off. The second bird flew off from the water after flapping its wings.

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