Of nestlings’ diet and Coppersmith Barbets (Part 5)

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A change of routine was observed on 7th February, when a pair of Coppersmith Barbets (Megalaima haemacephala) – Day and Nightshift birds were seen late evening together, longer than usual on their favourite perch – the Albizia (Paraserianthes falcataria) tree.

Next morning, there was more rubbish baled out from the nesting cavity. Contents appeared to be more interesting (below left).

By evening, Blowfish now confirmed male was seen in flighty mood of joy- like being touched by an angel. He wriggled and spread his tail in excitement of feeling like a father for the first time (above, from left: 2nd-3rd).

The reward of share-incubating their eggs for two weeks came to light when the pair was seen taking a well deserved break. Perhaps too, pondering how they would take onto the next step in parenthood (above right).

Confirmation of hatching came when female bird- Goggle-Eye flew in with grub in beak. The first feed took place just after 0831 on 8th February.

A total of eight trips alone were made between 0827hs and 1008hs in feeding the hatchings that morning. Both parents took turns to fly in the life supporting manna- figs. Where and how Blowfish and Goggle-Eye found those God favoured fruits, I have no idea as looking for a fig tree with fruits not easy to find these days.

Let’s take a look to see the varieties of fig fruits and berries these frugivorous barbets bring to nourish their young (above).

Are they purely frugivorous or is there an exception to the rule?

When pickings were good, Fieldscope showed first fruit got squashed up first and the second, brought in whole (above right).

And what was rolling out of the tree cavity?

This image shows a parent dispersing avian’s night soil (right bottom).

So far, we have not had a look at the off springs of Blowfish and Goggle-Eye. Let’s first take a look at some sanitary cum sentry duties in the next article, while allowing time and nature to design their off-springs for the finale.
All images my digiscopy technique
Optics used: Fieldscope ED82 +30x + P3

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