Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher taking a spider

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The arrival of the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Cyex erithacus) to Singapore, an uncommon winter visitor and passage migrant provided photographers a rare opportunity to document its food habits. Alvin Lok image shows the bird with a spider in its bill.

The image was sent to Joseph Koh, our High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam, who is a spider enthusiast. Joseph kindly sent in this reply: “This looks like a ctenid spider (Ctenus sp., Family Ctenidae) although there is a possibility that it may be a huntsman spider (Family Sparassidae). But I think it is safe to say that kingfisher is holding a spider, probably Ctenus sp.” 

According to Alvin, ”I initially thought it was a huntsman, but after looking carefully it does very much look like a Wandering Spider (Ctenidae), although someone mentioned that it could be a wolfspider. Think Joseph Koh is right though.”


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  1. I have another picture of the bird with another spider here:


  2. Would be good if you could send in such images if we do not have them posted already. Never know when you are encountering new behaviour, etc.

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