An Indian Cuckoo and three Straw-headed Bulbuls

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“It was a hot sunny morning on 15th Nov 2008 when I saw this Indian Cuckoo (Cuculus micropterus) at Bidadari. It had just caught an insect from the grass and was feeding on it on a low branch. After the insect meal, it flew back down into the grass, but this time it sat there for a minute or so. Unfortunately, I was occupied with trying to focus my camera on the bird, and could not observe exactly what it was doing in the grass. Perhaps it was anting? Has anyone else reported such behaviour?

“The cuckoo was still there last weekend (not sure if its the same one) – perching as I usually see it, on low branches.

“I also saw this Straw-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus zeylanicus) threesome, perched on some branches just above the water in the middle of Hindhede Quarry, last Friday afternoon (19th Dec.). In my limited experience, I always thought these were shy birds, which were more frequently heard than seen. So it was a pleasant surprise to see them out in the open and for so long – they were busy preening themselves for at least 20mins on a cloudy afternoon, quite oblivious to me and other casual visitors observing them from the lookout.”

Lena Chow

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