Hooded Pitta at Jurong Lake Park

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G Sreedharan photographed a Hooded Pitta (Pitta sordida) at Singapore’s Jurong Lake Park on the mid-afternoon of 30th November 2008.

spent most of the time up on several different trees. Another sighting was reported in Chinese Garden a day earlier. It could be the same 
bird which implies that it may be moving over a wide area (Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, Jurong Lake Park).”

Over at Bididari, Con Foley also encountered a Hooded Pitta on 7th December.

The Hooded Pitta is an uncommon winter visitor and passage migrant. Since the 1980s, a few birds have been recorded every year. They appear from November to April-May, peaking in December.

In their wintering grounds, these pitas are found in less closed-canopy forests. They roost off the ground and are silent most of the time except during calling a few times as they go to roost and again at dawn.

Image by G Sreedharan.

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