Nesting saga of Peaceful Doves: Part 3 of 6

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The daily transformation of Lucky Dicky and Little Jo evolving in stages was simply remarkable through the Fieldscope, in providing magnificent and magnifying views to captivate an observer’s eye, with anatomical details that painted a thousand words.

Here are 12 presentation images of Lucky Dicky and Little Jo.

10th day: Loss of straggly white hairs on the crown noted. Upper coverts revealed darker wavering black patterns on brown plumages. The rest of Lucky Dicky’s body -almost covered with soft, grey down feathers (above left).

11th day: Breakfast at 8.59am. Buccal feeding by Silva continued. Two chicks in one go (above right)!

11th day: Pre luncheon nap (above left). 12th day: 8.12am. Waiting patiently for Mom to bring take-away breakfast. ‘Look! I’ve got real hair on my head!” said Lucky Dicky (above right).

12th day: ‘When can I look like you, Mom?’ asked Lucky Dicky (above left). 12th day: “See…see.. I’ve got a few short drinking straws sticking out of my butt already”. I bet you would love to tweeze those few white hair strands off me’ squeaked the older chick (above right).

12th day: 11am. Playtime- Little Jo was always hiding (below left). 12th day: Pre lunch. ‘Hey big bro, why are you always first?’ asked Little Jo (below right).

12th day: 2.20pm. ‘I wanna fly! I wanna fly! Fly me to the moon…’ crooned Lucky Dicky (below left). 12th day: ‘Are you thinking what I am thinking (below right)?

12th day: 2.25pm. Hungry Lucky Dicky needed extra snacks (below left). 12th day: 6pm. Silva’s quiet moment of reflection (below right).

Her parental obligations to two hungry, growing chicks had her awaking at7.30am and spending longer periods away to forage and left chicks unattended.

On very few occasions would the male partner be heard cooing. No occasion was observed of both parents present together for exchange feeding duties.

Where has Stripy gone and what has he been doing?
An ill wind blew dark clouds, heralding a stormy, wet night that would alter the scenario of these images…..simply just too good to be true.

Join me next in Part 4 to a dawn rise on the day of reckoning, the – 13th day.


Photographed images by Digiscopy method
Optics used: Fieldscope ED82 +30x + Coolpix P4

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