Blue-winged Pitta in a glass crash

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Liangyuan Wong wrote in on the evening of the 30th October 2008 as a Blue-winged Pitta (Pitta moluccensis) had just crashed onto the glass window of his home in Bishan. It was after 7.30 pm then and he wanted to know whether he could release the bird early next morning.

During the interim, the bird tried to fly out of the house and again crashed onto the glass window.

The bird was stunned but not injured in any other way. It was kept indoors in a basket and covered with a piece of blanket to keep away stray cats. The bird was released early the next morning in Bishan Park. It flew off as soon as the blanket was removed from the basket.

It is possible that the bird flew in from the nearby MacRitchie forest.

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  1. Peter G. Saenger

    We are looking for data on bird collisions with sheet glass or plastic. I work at the Acopian Center for Ornithology, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, with Dr. Daniel Klem, Jr., who has been studying birds striking sheet glass and plastic for over 30 years. One of our goals is to compile a comprehensive list of all species known to have collided with sheet glass or plastic world-wide, country by country if possible. We lack records from many areas and what we do have are listed on our web site (address below) and any additional records would greatly appreciated.
    Please visit our web site for additional information on Birds and Windows.

    It would be best to have dates and location data for strikes, but simple lists of species will be appreciated if that is all that are available. These can be sent via e-mail, spread sheets, via our forms on-line at our web site (see link below), or regular mail if necessary.

    Thank you and much appreciated.

    Peter G. Saenger

    Acopian Center for Ornithology

    Department of Biology

    Muhlenberg College

    2400 Chew Street

    Allentown, Pa. 18104-5586



  2. YC

    Thanks for your interest Peter. Have made a quick compilation and sent direct to you, to the other e-mail address.

  3. Endry

    Hi Peter,

    I sent you an email on my brand new experience just this morning on the collision of a mangrove pita on my home Window and have explained details there. Kindly check your email.

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