Pigeon “KLPR 2008 233682” landed on M. V. Harrier

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Opel Mok sent this message on 22nd October 2008:

“We were supplying fuel to this vessel M.V. ”Harrier” when this pigeon flew onto us! There was another one still on the “Harrier”. The vessel’s last port of call was S. Korea and I think they must had mistook the eagle from that funnel to be their target and home in!

“It had the tag No. KLPR 2008 233682 and from those Chinese stampings on the wings I think they were from Taiwan. It was quite weak; we fed it and set it free two days later.

“On the third day it came back to us! Hope it will take off back to Taiwan.”

The pigeon was caught on 17th October 2008 and both were still on board on the 21st when Opel left the vessel.

KLPR obviously refers to racing pigeons. Anyone with any background information please register their comments or contact us or the relevant organisation. Thanks.

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  1. Bui Canh Son

    I’ve got KLPR 2013 800652 pigeon that was caught at home 29/07/2013 Danang Vietnam. Anyone can tell me what to do next? We still feeding it… Thanks a lot.

    • BESG

      As these pigeons are only used in “racing” and not involved in any research, why not release it once it is fit to fly? Unless someone has a better idea.

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