Blog Action Day 2008: Migrants

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The bulk of our migrants arrive during September through to November. Most come from the temperate north to escape the harsh winter and the resulting food shortage. Here in the south, they find greener pastures, to fatten up before returning to their breeding grounds from March to late May.

The winter visitors stay for a few weeks to months while the passage migrants are here only for a few days before they continue their journey south.

Besides birds, we also have other migrants among us. And like the birds, these workers are also looking for greener pastures. They are here to to find employment, remitting money back home to support their families. They too are transient, in due course returning to their countries of origin.

On this Blog Action Day 2008, let us give a thought to those, whether birds or people, who are forced to migrate to seek a better life.

YC Wee
October 2008

Photo credits: KC Tsang: Common Kingfisher (top row right), Peregrine Falcon (middle row right), Red-legged Crake (bottom row right); Allan Teo: Black Bittern (bottom row left); Jonathan Cheah: Little Tern (top row centre); Johnny Wee (Blue-tailed Bee-eater (top row left); Chan Yoke Meng: Jambu Fruit Dove (middle row centre); YC: Asian Koel (middle row left), White-breasted Waterhen (bottom row centre).


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  1. This is a brilliant post – on topic both for your blog and the campaign.
    I used to live in northwest Ohio, where both migrating birds and migrating farmworkers are seen each year.


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