Plain-pouched Hornbill: Injured juvenile rescued

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Forest Ang visited Ulu Muda in Kedah, Malaysia recently to survey the forest reserve as it was in the news of possible new logging activities. What he brought back were images of a juvenile Plain-pouched Hornbill (Rhyticeros subruficollis) that a villager of Kampong Belantek rescued.

“We were taken to a village (just bordering Ulu Muda Forest Reserve) where a captive Plain-pouched Hornbill was kept. We were told that they found the chick (with injured wing) and brought it back to nurse to the present state (chick probably about 4-5 months old)”

The Star online published an account of the injured four-month old juvenile on 18th August 2008.

The bird is now in the care of the Malaysian wildlife authorities.

These hornbills regularly move to Malaysia when fig trees are in fruits. An earlier account of the flocking of these hornbills around Tasek Temenggor in Perak can be seen HERE.

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