White-bellied Sea Eagle catching dead fish

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“Fresh fish is definitely a preferred food choice of the eagles. However, when food is scarce or an opportunity arises, it does not mind taking the second best.

“This White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) was seen picking up a dead fish from the Bukit Panjang pond. Judging from the condition of the fish, it has got to be dead for some time, left floating on the surface of the water. This presented an irresistible offering to a hungry eagle.”

Eddie Lee Kam Pang
August 2008

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  1. casmerodius albus

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  2. James Udo Kalu

    True! To further support, my student, Richard ThankGod Kwani also confirmed that he had up to six times caught the Eagle with a dead fish on hook and line trap along Nembe River in Bayelsa State Nigeria.

    • James Udo Kalu

      Sorry, the name is ThankGod Richard KWANI and not Kwari as written. Please administrator correct.

  3. ThankGod R kwani

    It is an eroneos view that Eagle doesn’t eat dead things. Stop doubting facts, thank you.

  4. ThankGod R kwani

    Mr Eddie Lee Kam Pang, Singapore. Thanks for the info you posted on net about the Eagle picking a dead fish. I confirm your info with evidence that the White sea Eagle do eat dead fish. ThankGod Richard kwani

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