Yellow-vented Bulbul: Tissue paper nest

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Lena Chow encountered an interesting Yellow-vented Bulbul’s (Pycnonotus goiavier) nest that incorporated a piece of tissue paper into its nest.


“Thought I’d provide a follow-up to the nesting last year in the artificial plant in my garage. Well, after the failed nesting in April, another nest appeared in July last year in an Allamanda plant in my garden (5m away from the artificial plant). Curiously, this nest had a big piece of toilet paper weaved into it which trailed well below the nest, providing a good chuckle to all who looked at it (above left). Unfortunately, perhaps as the nest was attracting too much attention, the birds were spooked and no eggs were laid.

“This year, a nest was built in May, again with some tissue paper, in another bush (3m from the artificial plant) (above right). This was a successful brood.


“The final episode for the year is turning out to be another nest built last week, in the same bush, just 20cm from the first, but deeper into the bush. Again, tissue paper is being used, so my guess is that its the same birds with the same habit, or birds which fledged from the tissue nests which have grown accustomed to the comfort of Kleenex… 🙂

“As to what became of the nest in the artificial plant… it has now become a real component of an artificially-decorated birdcage…see left.”

If you want to see another unusual nest, click HERE to view crows’ nests made up of colourful clothes hangers.

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