Injured Purple Heron: Seven months on

In early November 2007, Dr Chua Ee Kiam reported the presence of a Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with a torn lower jaw. Three months on it was still alive and well. Now, seven months on, Ee Kiam again encountered the heron and report on its efforts at feeding.


“Managed to photograph the Purple Heron (that was injured in the neck) feeding on a catfish in SBWR on 2nd June 2008. Initially I saw the heron landing on the water edge with the catfish between its beak. It then proceeded deeper to the mangrove forest to bash the fish. After a good 5-7 minutes, it carried the fish to the water edge to wash it (above).


“It tried to swallow the fish for more than ten times but the fish fell through the throat hole (above). I was quite glad that it finally managed to swallow the fish whole (below). Guess one has to keep trying despite the handicap. Enjoy the images.”


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  1. Summer Fey Foovay

    Some years ago I spotted an injured Great Blue Heron. Her wing was almost completely broken off – only bones dragging. She not only lived through the year, she raised three young. However, I don’t think she made it through the winter as I didn’t find her the next spring. The winters in Tulsa, OK are a bit harsh for herons, although a few winter over. It probably proved too much for her.

    Photos of her here:
    Not for the squeamish

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