Short-tailed Babbler

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“The Short-tailed Babbler (Malacocincla malaccensis) is another one of those sulky, secretive denizens of the deep dark forest, hiding under cover most of the time, flies for short distances, hops around on the forest floor like a little mammal looking for worms, grubs or other insects. The birds calls mainly at dawn and is very sweet to the ears.

“The bird is an uncommon resident, restricted to the understorey of dry forests and to freshwater forests.”

According to Madoc (1956), “This is a queer little bird, with long white legs and practically no tail.” Actually, the legs are usually flesh-coloured or pinkish, sometimes grey (Collars & Robson, 2007).

KC Tsang
May 2008

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2. Madoc, G. C. (1956). An introduction to Malayan birds. Malayan Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur. (revised ed.)

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