Strange behaviour of a pair of Brown-throated Sunbirds

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Susan Wong Chor Mun of Malaysia sent in this observation on 29th April 2008:

“I spotted this two female birds fly in and perched about one foot above the ground side by side (facing each other) on another perch earlier. What attracted me was, I noticed that these two birds seemed to communicate with each other.


“During my observations, I noticed that these two birds did not call. They were stretching their legs with up and down motions and turning or shaking their heads left and right – all in slow mode.


“One bird made the above movements and the other bird seemed to answer back by repeating the same motion. Later, they flew to another perch (as shown in IMG_8088 and IMG_8089) and performed the same motion.

“I noticed that at one point it seemed that one of the birds was just observing. During my observation I also noticed that one of the birds seemed to harass the other bird… and it would then move back and perch nearby.

“I was observing these two birds for about 20 minutes.

“I just could not understand under what circumstances these two female Brown-throated Sunbird (Anthreptes malacensis) behaved in this manners.”

Anyone has an explanation? Or hazard a guess?

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