Javan Myna chick: 4. Snatched by a cat

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On 6th March 2008, the rescued Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) chick was under care for a total of 14 days. It has been eating regularly, in fact every two to three hours except at night when it was placed in an enclosed cardboard box that was kept indoors.

The wing feathers were fully developed and the chick was exercising its wings regularly. But it was not ready to fly. It was even not confident of jumping down from the piece of wood I placed on top of the box when left by itself.


On this fateful evening, it had just finished its bath in a basin filled with a few centimetres of water. After the bath that took only a few minutes, I placed it on the ground where it did a little fluffing to rid excess water and then preened a little.

It was not experienced enough to totally dry itself by shaking its body and fluffing its feathers, so I placed it back on its perch at the top of the box (above). There I left it, with the box just outside my main door so that I could keep an eye on it.


I went indoors for a while when suddenly I heard a sharp screech, followed by silence. Suspecting something might have happened to the bird, I rushed outside and found it gone.

Searching the garden, I came across my neighbour’s cat at the back. At its feet was the dead myna chick (left).

Apparently the cat must have walked into my garden and spotted to myna. It must have crept slowly towards it before suddenly pouncing on the poor chick. The attack must have been sudden, otherwise the chick would have made a series of cries and jumped off its perch. This it did a day earlier when a pair of adult noisy Javan Mynas strayed too near to where it was perching. The chick then jumped down and hid among the flower pots.

A sad ending to a sad story of a birdling apparently pushed out of its nest by its sibling. Or did it accidentally fall from the nest?

YC Wee
March 2008

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  1. Choo Teik Ju

    This indeed a sad scene to see.

    I ever seen a house cat killing a light-vented bulbul at China. I love bird so much, but when I saw a cat killing a bird, my mood will change.

    Below my apartment, there is a Tiger Shrike that frequently pearching on tree branch, I always pray for its safety as there a lots of cat below my block.

  2. YC

    Check out the many cat-related postings in the blog, using the search engine provided on the top right hand of the page.

  3. Choo Teik Ju

    Thanks YC.
    I always tell myself this is a ‘sad link’, I hate to see birds being killed and animal exploitation, it makes me so frustrated and sad.

    There is a bird shop at AMK Ave 10 near Teck Ghee CC, they have lots of white-eye, red-whiskered bulbul (SGD 70), hill myna (SGD 600), oriental magpie robin and peaceful dove. I wanted to buy some to free them but they are tagged with high price. Killing their freedom is unacceptable as well. I wonder if we have any wildlife protection law to free them.

  4. YC

    We do have laws but there are ways to get round the laws and traders have been doing just this for a long time.

  5. Kitt

    I have been following the story of this little myna with interest and it is indeed saddening.

    I like animals, cats and birds included. I am sad to read this, but have to keep in mind that cat are hunters and only follow their natural instinct to stalk and kill. The only thing we can do to take all the precautions we can !

    I wish you all the best with your other rescued mynah chick !

  6. BESG

    Thanks Kitt. The other chick fledged and flew off. Success. Will post it soon.

  7. javan tiger

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