Another heron entangled by a discarded fishing line


On 10th March 2008, Choo Teik Ju was disturbed to find a dead heron dangling from the branch of a tree in the Marsh Garden at West Coast Park (left). One of its wings was entangled by a discarded fishing line, no doubt left by an irresponsible amateur angler.

Teik Ju visits the park almost every weekend to jog and bird watch. Invariably he found the areas around the Marsh Garden littered with discarded fishing lines. Many were dangling from the branches of trees and these obviously pose a danger to the wildlife there.

According to Teik Ju, “The Marsh Garden is home to Lesser Whistling-duck, Common Moorhen,
 White-breasted Waterhen, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Chinese Pond Heron, Cinnamon
 Bittern, Common Kingfisher, White-throated Kingfisher, Great Egret,
 Black-crowned Night Heron, Grey Heron, Owls and Eagles.”

He contacted the National Parks Board and was informed that the park is regularly patrolled by rangers. He was also informed that fishing is disallowed in the Marsh Garden.

Anglers need to be told that they should not leave fishing lines indiscriminately around and that such irresponsible behaviour is tantamount to littering.

Besides, it is illegal to fish in the Marsh Garden.

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  1. KevinLam

    Is the marsh garden on the right side of the park with a boardwalk?

    I have seen ppl fishing on the opposite side of the bank of the river.

    is that part protected by rangers as well?

  2. Choo Teik Ju

    The location where I found the dead Heron was opposite the broadway along the pond, there are many people fishing at this side of the pond. I have checked with NParks, I was told that fishing is prohibited in West Coast Park except seaside. At places like pond, fountain and Marsh Garden, fishing is not allowed. NParks has ranger stationed in West Coast Park but unlike Singapore Botanic Garden which has ranger patrolling the park frequently, honestly I have not seen anyone on duty before.

    I have urged NParks to clean up the Marsh Garden, especially those abondoned fishing lines. Waste like electronic stuff, cables and even battery are visible at the Marsh Garden. I have collected some of them that are within my reach, in the case if Nature Society organize a clean-up campaign at the site, please count on me.

    NParks mentioned that they will be removing those palm trees along the pond and replace them with mangrove. I highlighted to the NParks officer that I had talked to not to remove tall grass along the edge of the pond as tall grass is the crutial habitat for water birds.

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