Albino Javan Myna accepted by others of the species

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“On January 13th, 2008, John McGeehin, Shamla Subaraj and I spotted an albino Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) at the main car park of Bukit Batok Nature Park.

“The time was about 5.30 pm and the bird was walking about a grass patch, searching for food. I managed to take a few photos. It was then that I noticed a “normal” Javan Myna foraging close-by. We observed the duo for a while and noticed that they were probably a pair as they kept fairly close to each other while walking around. Not too far away, another pair of “normal” Javan Mynas were also foraging in a similar fashion.

“Nearly a month later, on February 2nd, Huw Penry, Shamla Subaraj and I were about to leave the Bukit Batok car park, at 6.15 pm, when we noticed a flock of Javan Mynas flying across the road. With them was an albino myna, probably the same individual from early January.

“Although albino birds have been encountered from time to time, they usually seem to be on their own and not accepted by the others of their kind. As such, these observations were most interesting. Not only did this albino myna seems to have a normal mate, but it also seems to have been accepted by the rest as it was flying with the flock.”

Subaraj Rajathurai
March 2008

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  1. milt

    Wow, that’s heartwarming to read. Yep this reminds me of a documentary I watched on SCV about albinos in nature recently. There was this account of a albino lion cub that was doted on by its pride and even though he was so much conspicuous than the others and therefore an unnecessary inconvenience to the others when it comes to hunting where concealment is paramount, it was still accepted by the pride. Eventually it grew up to be a majestic, regal looking male lion and even fathered its own young! That documentary brought tears to my eyes. :op

  2. Serene

    I saw the Albino Javan Myna outside the Bukit Batok Nature Park when my bus pasted by in Jan.

  3. Terra

    My family and I were so shocked to see this WHITE bird in our yard…… getting closer it wasnt some unknown bird but a abino myna bird. From all I knew Mynas are sort of mean and don\’t like something/one different and most times kill it. But not this one… she/he has a entire group/ohana of other mynas and hang together. Also this Myna ALWAYS has another myna with it, at all times. I didn\’t see it for a few days and got really worried. Not sure how long mynas live, but I know we sure are hoping they live looooooooooooooong lifes.
    Mahalo for your site, now I know I am not all that crazy!

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