Black-naped Orioles raiding nest of Pied Triller

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Prof Cheong Loong Fah chanced upon our post on Nest Raiding in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and shares his experience about Black-naped Orioles (Oriolus chinensis) (left top) raiding the nest of the Pied Triller (Lalage nigra) (left bottom):

“I once had a pair of Pied Trillers nesting in front of my house. One day, a Black-naped Oriole spotted the nest and tried to raid it. The oriole was chased off by one of the Pied Trillers quite vigorously; the fight was quite fierce and with full body contact between the two birds.

“However, on the next day, the original intruder (I suppose) brought back a gang and these four orioles that then destroyed the nest. The Pied Trillers were powerless to stop this destruction.

“I didn’t manage to see if they were feeding on the eggs; it just seemed wanton destruction to me then. The Pied Triller pair came back to the nesting site the next day and lingered around, but after that never came back.”

Another account of the destructive nature of the Black-naped Oriole… see related posts below.

Prof Cheong Loong Fah
February 2008
(Image of Pied Triiler by Susan Wong and oriole by YC Wee)

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Sad to hear of this fail nesting.
Regarding the Raiding of nesting, I do recalled that my observation on the pied triller nesting, chasing of other spp of birds that come very near to the nest are the job of the male bird. This particular male bird do have a line of how far he can tolerate with the intrudes. If they are at certain space, he just observe them only, if go beyond the tolerate space he would act very vigorously, makes alarming calls, even use his legs to push away the intruder. The intruders of the nest I observed is a female brown throated Sunbird. The female bird normally only tend her eggs or the fledgings. The Male bird would normally perched at a distance that he can have a clear view of his nesting.

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