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By now the blog’s new appearance is obvious to all who logs in.


When we started in July 2005, it was with a Blogger account (top left). We blogged for 18 months before Jacquelin Lau came along and suggested we shift to WordPress, a “state-of-the-art” personal publishing platform (top right).

After an initial hesitation, I agreed. Jac did all the work, planning, designing, archiving, etc. And I did all the postings. Of course the observations, images and even entire stories came from our supporters.


One year into this new publishing platform, along came Jac again to institute more changes. This time she introduced new themes for a more modern and youthful outlook. Many new features have been incorporated, my favourite being the world map. Click on the small map on the right side of this page and a larger image appears, showing in detail which part of the world the different visitors came from (top, at time of post).


Since 7th February 2008 we are a member of Nature Blog Network. Of the currently 132 sites that are members, blogging on aspects of nature (plants, animals and ecosystems), we were ranked 57 on 14th February. At the time of posting, we have moved up to 40.

This blog needs to remain attractive to visitors. Thus there is a constant need for improvement – in appearance, quality of posts, etc. in order to remain vibrant. Otherwise it will stagnate. This is where we value your input.

Thank you Jac… and all you generous photographers and observant birders who contributed to the success of BESG.

YC Wee
16th February 2008


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