Releasing a rehabilitated Pink-necked Green Pigeon

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Haniman Boniran wrote on 24th September 2007:

“…I would like to share with you my encounter with a Changeable Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus) today. I’m sorry its going to be all text and no pictures as it was totally unexpected*.

“About 2.5 months ago my dad brought home a Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) to nurse it after an attack by some marauding crows. This bird, after spending sometime with us, won my dad’s heart but I’m not in favor of it staying too long. Its a juvenile bird by the way (above image shows an adult male bird).

“So today, I felt that it was time to set it free. I took it to Mandai Road where I have seen plenty of other PNG pigoens. Selected a spot facing the forest and I set it free. The bird took its flight and less then ten seconds it landed on a branch of a tree.


“In a split second a black morph Changable Hawk Eagle (right) swooped down and took the poor bird away in its talons right in front of me! It flew to a near by tree and feasted on it.

“I was speechless. I meant well for the PNG pigeon but I guess Nature has other plans for it. It was an **NG moment for me. Can’t say the same for the pigeon though.

“The ups and downs of birding… Sigh!”

Haniman Boniran
October 2007

**NG: National Geographic

*Images: Chan Yoke Meng (pigeon) and Johnny Wee (eagle)

  1. Serene

    Eh… next time U may want to set birds free with its ownkind in sight. This can help to orientate the newbie & the whole new family can help to look out for each other.

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