Birds and their reflections

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Johnny Wee returned from Perth, Australia recently and sent in these images of a crow acting aggressively when confronted by its image in the car’s side mirror. Yes, all over the world birds react the same when they see their image on a shiny surface.

While on this subject, I am also posting two other images sent in earlier – one on the Long-tailed Shrike (Lanius schach) by Dr Jonathan Cheah Weng Kwong (below left) and the other on the Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) by Allan Teo (below right).

Readers are referred to a number of earlier posts on other species of birds and their reactions to their own reflections 1, 2.


Johnny Wee
September 2007

Images by Johnny (crow); Dr Jonathan Cheah Weng Kwong (shrike) and Allan Teo (hornbill).


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  1. This type of behaviror is so universal and great fun to watch. I love the photos, they are very good.

  2. generations of undergrads studying at the Science Library have been woken up from their stupor by a frantic tapping on the windows (from the outside). lest they think it’s a cat burglar trying to get in, it’s actually a black-naped oriole being territorial and pecking at its own reflection when its perched on the railing near to the window pane…

  3. Susan Wong Chor Mun

    That Male Ruby-Checked Sunbird at KSNP also behave the same way with his reflections from the car side mirror.

    Look what he has done to my car side mirror.. Lucky it is a mirror..

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