Choo Beng Teong: Bird artist and photographer

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The artist who has 16 years of experience in observing and photographing birds in the wild, has developed an insight into the beauty of birds in their natural habitat. And this obviously inspired him to paint.

He is gifted with rare talent, capable of transforming delicate movement and vibrant colours of birds into his paintings, creating masterpieces of “jewels” of the sky.

By just weaving a tapestry of colours on canvas with his fine, meticulous brush strokes, Choo evokes passion and sentiment in his art, giving life to birds and the environment of the rainforest. Every brush stroke adds details and texture to each feather of the birds, with finesse and clarity. He painstakingly creates and captures all the grace, the posture and vibrant colours of the feathers that makes his painting special about his subjects in their glory.

Malaysian’s renowned bird artist presents to all nature and art lovers a world of “aviary wonders”- an extraordinary visual treat for everyone in his work of art.

Choo’s paintings are very inspirational for wildlife conservation, a grand tribute to Malaysian wildlife heritage.

Input and images obtained through K.C. Tsang. Images: Beng Teong (top), Chestnut-breasted Malkoha ( Phaenicophaeus curvirostris) (middle left), Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus caeruleus) (middle right), Blue-winged Pitta (Pitta moluccensis) (bottom)

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