ZEBRA DOVES – 17. The birds are gone for good

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Nearly two months after the eggs were hatched, the doves are permanently gone from tha vicinity of their nest. No more do I hear their pleasant cooing each morning and evening. No more can I see them huddling together on a branch, preparing to roost for the night. Every trace of the trial nest is now gone. Every single piece of dried grass stem has been removed. In a way it is good that they are building a new nest somewhere else. The area around the tree where the nest was is now busier than even. Workers are moving around under the tree, as construction activities of the house behind is moving forward towards the road. The birds managed to avoid detection for more than two and a half months. I am not sure whether they can avoid detection if they are to nest in the same tree again.

I am now waiting for the next pair of birds to build their nest around my place.

YC Wee
4th October 2005


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