ZEBRA DOVES – 16. It was only a trial nest

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The three birds had been returning to the area of their nesting ever since the two nestlings fledged. At around 6.30 to 7.00 pm every evening, an adult bird would perch high up on a scaffolding pole and vocalise, whereby the two young adults would fly in to join it. All three birds would then fly to their favourite Golden Penda tree and perch on a branch, huddled close together throughout the night. Around 7 am the next morning they would fly off.

A few mornings ago, when I went to check on the birds at their perch, I had a look at the new nest. Imaging my surprise when all the nesting materials were gone. The birds must have used this site to build a trial nest. The materials must have been removed to a new nesting site.

But where? And are the birds gone forever?

YC Wee
29th September 2005


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